12 September 2011

We All Want to Grow With the Seeds We Will Sow

05 September 2011

Lost and Clearly Delirious: Top 11 Search Terms That Brought People Here

11. whack a mole guacamole
10. i have a dress and i dont quite fill it out
9. hate the word cuddle
8. is chlorophyll in guacamole?
7. pros and cons of botellon
6. i like to have my feet touched
5. second grade persuasive essay
4. black maureens
3. how 2 make a sex toy with paper
2. dont fuck with me
1. harry potter leggings

01 September 2011

My dear, but if I make the pearly gates I'll do my best to make a drawing

Two and a half years ago, I drew a sketch of a poster of words from "The Trapeze Swinger" I eventually wanted to make when I had time and supplies. Thanks to graduation and my brother's old prismacolor markers, I have a new poster.