20 October 2011

¿Cómo se llama? 3 Things That You Should Know

+Here's the story of a lovely lady statue in Lima, Peru. Her name is Madre Patria and she lives in Plaza San Martín. The plaza was built to celebrate Peru's 100th independence day and the statue of the Madre Patria is part of a large monument that was commissioned to honor General José de San Martín. When they decided to build a statue, Peru had a contest to see who could come up with the best idea. Luckily (for the sake of comedy and llama-lovers everywhere), Spaniard Mariano Benlliure won with his highly unique sculpture of a guy on a horse. Peru liked with his idea but sent a memo to the Spain saying that they wanted him to include a statue of a lady wearing a crown of flames who would hold up the sign announcing the general. Unfortunately, homophones weren't exactly Benlliure's strong point and he confused the word for flame--llama--with the word for those cute animals that live in the Andes and spit a lot. Behold:

Story courtesy of Alison, who called me this week to tell me about her trip to Peru.

+My phenomenal family came over to eat and play Mad Gab on my birthday and we filmed my dad bringing a whole new meaning to the word "fupa."

+I would not eat a Krispy Kreme for love or for money, but these guys sound like they could be everything I desire in a food. They are, incidentally, also Peruvian.

18 October 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things


16 October 2011

Ron, Ron Loves Twizzlers

02 October 2011


Nature has turned arctic over night and I didn't have to work this entire beautiful weekend. What I did have to do was look for a car. After reluctantly dragging myself to a car dealership and negotiating with a positively lovely man who told me I barely looked 16 and had a few sexist tricks up his sleeve, I'm 99% sure I have a new old car that smells like Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo and more or less works.

Now the exciting stuff: I've been wanting some kind of canopy fandango for my bed, so I spent last night poking holes in my ceiling and hanging up fabric. I even dug out the cardboard stars from my apartment on Fernon and sewed them to the sheet. Now my money plant lights don't look like they're coming out of nowhere. My room feels supercozy and all my decorations are high enough off the ground that Tess can snuggle with me and won't be tempted to eat them.

Last but not least, my avocado plant is HUGE. I'm going to have to figure out some way to pot it without snapping off all the roots so that my baby can grow to its full potential. And so I can make guacamole in 9 years.