27 March 2009

oh hey, sweet fixie

do you see these bikers? look at how colorful they are, look at how colorful the road
is. it's like they're riding on a rainbow. i bet if we could see their faces they would be smiling like little balls of sunshine [because this is a picture. in real life, they would probs be panting and breathing like nerdboys because they are tired [i.e. me] or making judgmental faces at people driving, people walking, people sitting, animals sitting, inanimate objects sitting, life [i.e. bike hipsters]]. [i wish i knew the rules for punctuation and brackets. i think the rule is actually "learn to write better so you don't have to use brackets," but that's not really realistic, you know?] they would be smiling because they are the proud new mums and dads of studio gelardi's contrail.
the tool clips onto your bike frame and leaves a trail of chalk behind you as you ride. as more bikers ride in an area, the bike path builds up, letting other bikers know where it's safe to ride and alerting cars to presence of bikes. it looks like it's just a concept design right now, but i'm hoping it'll be produced sometime soon.

having never ridden in a city before, i waited three months before finally feeling brave enough to go down to center city on my bike. i had no idea how to navigate one-way streets [i still don't, are you supposed to ride on the right or the left?] or what streets were good to ride on and most of the bike kids i knew or talked to were more interested in being obnoxious experts than being helpful. being able to see where other people ride might make biking seem less daunting and encourage other people to try it.

also, seeing colorful paths on road might make my number one enemy*, cars, realize that all those "share the road signs" are not just a suggestion. and that no matter how much you honk and curse at me, i will not bike on the sidewalk because it is a] impossible and b] illegal.

and if you don't bike or aren't always narrowly escaping death by car, just think about how pretty it is. if you were walking and saw chalk lines all over the street, you would smile like the bikers in the picture are probably smiling. and it would be like christmas, only in the summer, which is like australia. "summer heights high" is in australia and is a fantastic show that would make you smile too.

i've just re-read this and it's like a second grade persuasive essay titled "the world is a better place when you've got sparkly streets." great.

in a similar non-destructive-graffiti-things-that-belong-in-some-"stuff-white-people-like"-category vein, i saw these led throwies on instructables and fell in love with them a little bit because they're nerdy and crafty. i want to go out and play with them but the problem is i can't think of any magnetic buildings and they seem like an expensive-ish project with all the tiny batteries and lights and magnets. my mum sent me a package of glow sticks [and rice. ?.] the other day, though, so i think those are just going to have to do for now.

*i actually love cars, i'm just jealous of them.