23 May 2009

the world is a really big place

it's infographic time!

obviously, if everyone lived in texas, there wouldn't be enough resources, people would be cranky from living so close to each other, we would all say "ya'll" all the time, etc. BUT this is just texas, there's the entire rest of the world!

this is the result of a leftover thought from one of my sociology teachers last semester. when a boy in my class said we couldn't let any more immigrants in to the u.s. because we were too full, she said she'd just read that the entire population of world could fit in texas and that maybe he should think about it some more. it seemed kind of hard to believe, but it turns out that it works. and as a sidenote, i'm not really sure what this information really means or has to do with, i just know that i think it's fascinating.

1 Comment:

Morgan said...

hell yeah, i thought about that a lot after she said it too...
way to put it into lovely info-graphics...nice.