22 August 2009

i'm hot. stop talking.

emily/saintmodesto talks feelings like nobody else. here's a smattering [if you will] of pretty words that came right out of her little head/heart/fingertips:


saint modesto said...

awwww this makes me happy! thanks laura! CUDDLE PUDDLE! also, where is the other paper we drew on? we made a whole city of potential autostraddle offices, maybe the world needs to see that.

riese said...

this makes me happy too!! i am going to bookmark this to come back whenever i want to feel happy. which is a lot.

word verif = "hidemin." that means don't hide.

laura said...

guess what i have been neglecting this blog but not for long hopefully.

emily: as much as i hate the word cuddle because it makes me think of "curdle" and rotten milk and things, i would like to make a cuddle puddle very soon. please and thank you. and maybehopefully one day soon i'll find the other paper. many things were lost in transit.

riese: it might also mean "hide for a minute." but i don't want to because the revolution 2.0 begins tomorrow!

John D. said...

i like diss. found through last.fm