14 February 2010

ten things i am thinking about right now

+i can hear bells right now from the church up the street. i wonder if it's just for today or if i'm usually being loud everyday at six.

+for the past month i've had 2-3 dreams every week about fighting voldemort.

+i want to live in a room with a window that faces south forever. i get so much light in here during the day that i can lie on the floor and pretend it's june. today i wore my stunna shades while i worked because i can't wait for summer.

+how have i managed to go to school for three years and never had a planner? that was the best three dollars i ever spent.

+living with someone else's dog is hard sometimes. i wish i had mine here, but i don't think i'm very responsible. i'm trying to nurse me basil plant back to health, but i just keep eating it. blerg.

+i rediscovered my white noise machine last week.

+Maybe I should act more grown up and start capitalizing words when they should be capitalized.

+lynne had an extra tegan and sara ticket so i get to go! that was a good surprise.

+do you know that i lived for two entire weeks without a computer?

+i want to go to spain next year a lot so maybe i should put plans in my planner and get that ball rolling.

1 Comment:

Jonathan said...

Spain! And fighting Voldemort! I sincerely hope those dreams are continuing.