27 March 2010

death and all his friends

things that threaten to destroy my robots:
+power surges
+black holes

things that threaten to destroy me:
+not flossing
+vitamin d deficiency/rickets
+reckless drivers
+heart disease
+my robots
+black holes


saint modesto said...

mad skillz laura

my stepmom says that not flossing can cause heart attacks.

word verif = lurra which is your name in another language.

Nirja said...

wow, these look great. I can see you are having fun with your tablet.

Also, we have to go biking sometime. Whenever I buy my bike that is.
and yes not flossing does cause heart attacks.

Isabella said...

my robots. hahahahhahahahahaha.

how did you do these?! i see tablet in that comment. YOU GOT A TABLET?!

151BacardiBoy said...

Very sophisticated blog.