07 October 2012

The Name Game

We have no Internet* but I'm getting impatient and want to write about what's going on in this strange, magical place called Spain. Since pictures are not an option at the moment, today is going to be one of those play-along-at-home kind of days. The name of the game today is:

How Do You Say That Name?

1. Uxia
2. Brais
3. Iago
4. Loira
5. Izan
6. Xurxo
7. Bieito

*This post was brought to you today by the unprotected wifi network "THOMPSON" and by the parents of the students in my class who have given them all awesomely unpronounceable names.

Answers: 1. oo-SHE-uh 2. Brice 3. ee-AH-go 4. lo-EE-r/la 5. Ethan 6. shur-sho 7. I wish I knew