13 November 2008

homemade oreos aka black maureens aka will you marry me? want a cookie? how about now? how about now?

these are hands down the best cookies in the world. hands. down. they're kind of magic, too, because everyone who eats them instantly falls in love with you. you could cut the recipe in half, but that would be stupid because then you'd make half as many friends.

for the cookies
+2 boxes of devils food cake mix
+4 eggs
+2/3 cup of vegetable oil
the dough ends up being really really thick and hard to mix, so either use an electric mixer or your hands. when you make it into balls to cook, make them smaller than normal because otherwise you'll end up with like 5 gigantic cookies instead of 40 normal ones. cook them at 350 degrees for 6-8 minutes but more on the 6 side of things because no one likes hard cookies.

for the icing
+a stick of butter [that's 1/2 cup]
+a block of cream cheese [i don't know how much that is]
+3-4 cups of powdered sugar [that's 1 pound: YUM]
when the cookies are cool, ice half of them [of the flat side, obvs] and them stick them together with un-iced ones. sometimes, you get lucky and have an extra cookie that you get to eat. or, if you count before you bake them, you end up with an extra ball of dough to eat, which is soooo much better. they're also 800 times more moist and delicious the day after you make them, so put them in a baggie and wait.