09 November 2008

four lists and a comic

a playlist

also, i love youtube with my whole entire heart.  whoever thought to put a song by a lesbian about sex and luuuurve with clips from "life with derek" is a genius.  

i am smarter than a 5th grader [especially is these were categories]
+ 38957194668521 reasons to put off things you should be doing
+ cleaning obsessively when you're upset, anxious, excited, or just having a lot of feelings
+ correct and incorrect use of apostrophes
+ clever things to say to the cashier who asks about your son when you're actually buying little boys' clothes for yourself
+ alternate routes to avoid the mean [and criminally insane] homeless man on 15th and chestnut
+ inappropriate things to say to your ex-girlfriend
+ excuses for wearing a helmet when biking [that make you sound tragically hip and not just really really lame] 
+ diy hairstyles that, in retrospect, were absolutely not stylish

nice surprises from yesterday
+ soft ice in restaurants
+ waking up in the middle of the night and going back to sleep
+ real mail
+ seeing stars in the city
 + "veinte poemas de amor y una canción desperada"

texts from my mum and dad
+ "the proverbial shit has hit the fan."
+ "well, i went to drop some of my old clothes off today at goodwill and moseyed [sp?!] on in and found the DEAL OF THE YEAR...and it's yours if you want it!"
+ "WTG!"
+ "just got huge ladder to install new chandelier...yea!!"
+ "did you get the power cord yet? suppose if not then the battery's dead and you can't read this. oh well...LOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOU SOOOOOOO MUCH, dad"


Isabella said...

i love your family too. AND i love Saltwater Room!!!

marybee19 said...

hello, this is three and a half years late, but I've been reading your blog, and I love you.