18 April 2009

fireside chat

first of all, last night i was riding home on my bike and heard some girls on the sidewalk talking about a cute boy. like any good gay lady, i turned around to check him out, but didn't see anybody else on the street. then one of them was all "look at his helmet," and i was like "oh they're talking about me." huh? i don't look anything like a boy. not even at 15 mph.

second, this guy's taken about two weeks to get up--half because dani and i had to finish editing it and half because my computer was in a fight with me. i went to the tech center to get help and the first thing they did was ask for my student id and password. which is when i remembered that i really couldn't tell anyone my password. because it was 'african queen.' keeping in mind that i am tiny, white, and was recently called a 'cute boy,' you can imagine how ridiculous/probs racist that would have sounded.

just to clarify [sort of], the reason it was african queen was because i got a reminder e-mail about changing my password while i was listening to this:

and in a moment of idiocy, thought it would be a really good idea to make it my password. what can i say? i love this song.

aynway, i told them i couldn't remember it and ran away before they could go online to look it up for me. i changed my password, fixed my computer, and we finished our video. we tried so hard[ish] but couldn't get it under 10 minutes and our audio still blows, so turn it up allllll the way.


Emma said...

I want your life.

laura said...

i want to dance to african queen with you and lydia [and isabella, but let's be real, she hates that song].

riese said...

your first paragraph made me LOL and then read it out loud and also that video was funnytime. Now I have that song in my head probs forevs.

laura said...

obviously our inspiration are the original comedy geniuses, haviland and riese. so i'm glad we could make you laugh. [for even more fun, you should watch the music video for "don't forget" and then feel like a child molester. we did.]

laura said...

inspiration are/is? whatever.